Interactive sound-installations for all ages

At a Sound-playground people of all ages can create their own absorbing sonic experiences. You don't need any previous experience of working with sound. All that's required are simple physical movements, together with everyday objects such as fans, bicycle pumps, water pistols or coffee cups.

The sounds of your movements are picked up using hydrophones (underwater microphones) and contact microphones (placed on the surface of objects to capture vibrations). The sounds are then amplified, so that when you touch the installations you hear your movements in the speakers at the same time. The sounds are also manipulated using effects, so that you can always create exciting new variations. Here there are no rules, or pre-defined 'correct' ways to create sound. Instead, total freedom and wild experimentation are encouraged.

A Sound-playground can be created for all kinds of events, venues or groups. It can also be adapted to incorporate specific environments or objects. The project is the brainchild of Malmö-based sound-artist James Brewster. He has previously created interactive installations at for example Latitude festival (on the BBC Radio 3 stage), Transmediale at HAU 2 theatre in Berlin, Exit 07 in Luxembourg, and Södra Teatern in Stockholm. Among his other projects is Electro-acoustic café – a combined espresso-bar and quadrophonic sound-installation, which has been featured on Swedish national TV and radio, as well as on the front page of one of Sydsvenskan (one of the country's main newspapers).

Brewster recently transformed a gallery in Folkets Park, Malmö into a combined Sound-playground and Electro-acoustic café, which will be open every week during autumn 2012. Another major recent project was a series of events in Lund, Sweden, including two in the town's main park Stadsparken.

For further information and bookings contact James Brewster: